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Blagdon Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool

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Blagdon Liberty Octagon Terrace Pool

Liberty Octagon Terrace Pond 

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This mains free, weather treated, timber pool is a perfect way to bring water into the garden 

  • Freedom to instantly locate anywhere
  • Powered by revolutionary Lithium battery system
  • Able to run for up to a week without charging (2 hours a day)
  • Quick to recharge battery (within 5 hours)
  • LED light for beautiful night-time illumination
  • A weather treated timber design to compliment any garden
  • Includes pump, 4 fountain options, LED light, Lithium re-chargable battery, built in timer control panel, charger and step by step guide


The Octagon Terrace Pool holds enough water to allow you to plant with a selection of marginal pond plants. Not only will these be an attractive addition to the feature, plants help reduce algae growth by sheltering the water from the sun, and absorbing any nitrates. Wildlife will also benefit, as aquatic plants play an important role in the lifecycle of some butterflies and other insects.

Put the pond plant pot directly onto the base of the pool, or raise up on something to bring the plant nearer the surface, if needed. Take care not to damage the liner when doing this.

Examples to grow:

  • Pygmy water lily, such as Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Alba’,
  • Water hawthorn
  • Small Iris, such as Iris laevigata
  • Elodia Crispa
  • Brooklime, Veronica beccabunga
  • Water Mint, Mentha Aquatica
  • Any small aquatic marginal plants that won't grow too vigorously


Feature Dimensions

37cm (H) x 102.5cm (W) x 96.5cm (D)

182 litres