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Cloverleaf CL1V Vortex Pond Filter

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Cloverleaf CL1V Vortex Pond Filter

Cloverleaf CL1V Vortex Professional Pond Filter

Size 660 x 660 x 560mm high.

Suitable for Koi ponds up to 1,250 gallons (5,625 litres), or Goldfish ponds up to 2,500 gallons (11,250 litres).

The 4 Bay CL1V unit comprises of the first bay fitted with a vortex chamber, Bay 2 acting as a biological chamber with its “Flocore” medium, Bay 3 with Japanese Matting as a high performance biological medium, and Bay 4 serving as the final biological/mechanical stage - incorporating foam and the highly proclaimed aqua rock/alfagrog.

This system is also available as the “CL1” with the vortex chamber replaced by mechanical brushes and other bay mediums all as specified for the CL2 & CL3 models.

Note:- Pipe inlet size 75mm (3) - Outlet 50mm (2).

Size: 660mm x 660mm x 560mm High

Pipe Size: Inlet 75mm (3) - Outlet 50mm (2)

Max Flow Rate: 1,250 gallons per hour

Few manufacturers in the world have put as much effort into designing a flexible and good value range of multi-bay filters suitable for the Koi pond as Cloverleaf, and how refreshing to not only know that they are British but to acknowledge they offer first class technical support to customers/end users. Key features of this well constructed compact CL range are the options of the filters being pump or gravity feed (meaning below ground), whilst meanwhile being very simple to maintain. The incorporation of vortex bays, and skilful use of mechanical and biological bays using quality mediums encompassing good water flows are further attributes that make the range a superb and sound investment. For very large ponds all filters can be happily installed as pairs - linked to separate pumps or bottom drains. All systems are supplied complete with valves and waste kits, together with a heavy duty lid capable of withstanding the weight of most pondkeepers.