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Scented Marginal Plant Collection

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Scented Marginal Plant Collection

A Selection Of Our Most Fragrant Marginal Pond Plants

Three plants will be selected from the following varieties.

Anemopsis californicum - Known as “Apache beads”, it has beautiful white scented flowers and broad, dark green leaves. Used to be sold in Mexico's markets to ward off malaria and other diseases. The flowers and leaves can be dried for potpourri.

Calla palustris - A rambling plant with heart-shaped leaves, white flowers are followed by bright red seed heads. This is one of the very few plants known to be pollinated by snails as they are attracted by the flower's scent.

Houttuynia cordata 'Boo Boo' - The colourful, scented leaves turn bright red in Autumn. The leaves have an interestingly crinkled effect, unlike the other Houttuynia, this variety is a slightly darker in colour than Chameleon.

Mentha aquatica - A strong mint scented herb, covered with pinkish lilac flower heads. It used to be grown for it's essential oils.

Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' - This very popular, brightly coloured plant has red, yellow and green scented leaves. The dense yellow flower spikes have 4 white bracts at the base, making them look like single white flowers.

Primula florindae - This giant cowslip, has heart-shaped leaves and soft yellow bell-shaped sweetly scented flowers that are held high above the plant.

Acorus calamus variegatus - As Acorus calamus but with green and cream vertical striped leaves. This citrus scented plant has also be used in fragrances and medicinal cures.

Houttuynia cordata 'Plena' - It has white flowers, made of numerous bracts, which are prolific from May to September. The leaves, as other Houttuynias, have an attractive orange peel scent, hence it's common name.