Nishikoi Goodbye Blanketweed Value Pack

Goodbye Blanket weed Value Pack
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32 Sachet Value Pack:
Effective use against blanketweed, treats up to 145'000 Litres / 32'000 gallons
Goodbye Blanket weed Value Pack

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed Value Pack

A unique bio-product consisting of bacteria cultured on barley straw, enzymes and activated barley straw.

Easy-to-use, no mess, no measuring. Simply drop one water-soluble sachet into the pond or filter every week. One water-soluble sachet treats ponds up to 1000 gallons for one week.

Effective against blanketweed, green water and organic sludge.

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed is a tried and trusted treatment against blanket weed (string algae).

100% natural containing a unique blend of benificial bacteria, enzymes and activated barley straw with no chemicals makes the product safe in all ornamental ponds, and the water soluble sachet dosing system means there is no messy measuring to do.

​Each sachet treats 1000 gallons / 4500 litres

Add to the pond weekly during the summer for algae regrowth prevention

Goodbye Blanket Weed Value Pack: 

32 sachets - Total max treatment 145,000Lts/32000 Gals.