oase rockways Grand Canyon Left

Oase Rockways Grand Canyon left
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Oase Rockways Grand Canyon left

Rockways Grand Canyon Left

This high quality stream element is perfect for designing individual streams or as part of a water course. With its natural looks it adapts to the surrounding environment

Item number: 73682
Rockway's Code: FGRS37
Description: Grand Canyon
Dimensions: 1000 x 900 x 150 (L x W x H mm)
Weight 5.5(kg)
Warranty: 2 years

Product details:

  • elements are fitted with a 32mm (11/4") thread, plug and stepped hose adaptor
  • Natural Look
  • Quality handmade- each item is individually coloured
  • Each element can be used as a spring
  • can be used modularly
  • Robust: weather-resistant Polyresin
  • Stylish: integrates well into the general ambiance thanks to its natural look
  • Bubbling: each watercourse element can also be used as a source