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Alfafol 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner 2 x 1.5m

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2 x 1.5m
6.6 x 4.9ft
Alfafol 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner  2 x 1.5m

OASE Pond Liners

Creating a pond using flexible liners gives you the ultimate freedom in terms of design, shape and depth. It is easy to build in shelves surrounding deeper zones or a shallow beach area. The larger the pond, the thicker and more robust the liner should be. To protect the liner from damage, from items such as stones and roots, you should always use a dedicated protective layer under the liner.

Alfafol 0.5mm PVC Liner

  • Flexible, consequently easy to process
  • Single ply, black
  • UV-resistant
  • Weld seam resistant
  • Rot resistant
  • Fish compatible
  • Cold resistant in accordance with DIN 53361
  • Regenerate and cadmium free PVC
  • Return guarantee for recycling and specialised disposal
  • Integrated tape measure
  • Material: PVC
  • Guarantee*G: 15 years