Box Welded & Tailor Made Liners

Pondsuperstores supply the highest quality, tailor made pond and tank liners fabricated from the UK's leading manufacturer Gordon Low

Using either 0.75mm or 1mm SealEco EPDM Rubber (greenseal) and Butyl. A box-welded liner is simply a prefabricated pond liner made to your exact dimensions to fit like a glove into your pond construction. All seams are full overlap factory welds (hot bond vulcanised) for maximum strength, so there are no folds or site seaming required during installation.

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Advantages of using a Tailor Made (box welded) Pond Liner:

  • Perfect fit into your pond eliminating unsightly folds
  • Produced to order, made exactly to your dimensions
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Long Life by using high quality materials
  • Fully welded corners and flanges, so no site joins required
  • 150mm (6") top flange as standard (can be a specified size or no-flange)
  • Relaxed fit (no stretching) ensures maximum life expectancy of the liner

Simple boxes and shapes can easily be quoted for over the phone, more complicated forms may require a drawing or sketch for a quote.