Lilies & Deep Water Plants

Lilies & Deep Water Plants

Water lilies and deep-water pond plants can look stunning, while creating natural shade and protection for your ponds inhabitants.

Choosing a water lily or deep water pond plant

We offer a range of water lilies in amazing colours and even variable water lilies that will change colour during the growing season. However, it is important to select a pond lily that will suit your ponds environment. To make section easy we have divided our lilies into size categories small, medium and large water lilies.

Small Water lilies: Including Pygmaea lilies can be planted to a depth of 60 cms and will spread to around 60cms depending on variety and conditions.

Medium Water Lilies: Can be planted to a depth of around 90 cms and may spread around 1 metre.

Larger Water Lilies: Some larger water lily varieties can be quite vigorous and can easily tolerate depths of a 1 metre or more and can spread massively although if contained they will spread around 150 cms depending on variety.

All our water lilies offered come from our RHS award winner grower and are carefully packed to arrive with you within a few days of order great condition.