Small Water Lilies

Water lilies for water features and small ponds

Miniature pygmy water lilies look stunning in a small water feature such as a half-barrel or in a tiny pond with their delicate miniature flowers and leaves and can survive well on only 30 cms of water. If the pygmy water lily is too small choose one of the alternative water lilies in this section which will also do well in a smaller pond or feature and can be planted up to 60 cms deep.

How to plant small and miniature pygmy water lilies

These smaller water lilies depending on the variety can be planted between 30 and 60 cms deep and can spread around 60 cms depending on conditions and planting. Most water lilies plants come ready for planting in a mesh pond basket. However, should you need to replant we suggest using a specialist aquatic soil, an aquatic mesh basket lined with a hessian liner then topped with aquatic or non-limestone gravel or pebbles.

All our water lilies come from an RHS award winner grower and are carefully packed to arrive with you within a few days of order great condition.