Bog Plants

Moisture loving plants for bog gardens or pond marsh areas

Moisture loving plants are ideal for marsh areas around a pond or water garden or in a standalone bog garden. When planting carefully select a area where the soil is damp or moist but be sure not to position the bog plant so its submerged. All our pond plants come with an easy to follow planting guide label for their individual requirement.

Buy pond plants online with confidence:

We deliver fast and direct from our RHS award winning UK nursery and grower. Plants are handpicked and carefully packed to arrive within a few days in tip top condition.

Marsh and bog plants are available throughout the year although availability will vary depending on the season and weather. To add to your ponds plant collection we also sell pond plant collectionsmarginal pond plants, oxygenating plants as well as water lilies and all the planting baskets and aquatic soil you will need.