Alfafol PVC Pond Liners 0.5mm

Alfafol - 0.5mm Oase PVC Pond Liner

  • Alfafol pond liner an economic, high quality 0.5mm pond liner ideal for most garden pond construction.
  • Can be repaired and joined easily with Oase repair kits and PVC Liner accessories.
  • Eco friendly, manufactured from reclaimed rubber and cadmium PVC.
  • Affordable garden and water feature liner.
  • Easy to installation and suitable for most garden ponds.
  • Oase Alfafol is available in sizes up to 8m x 6m
  • Oase 15 Year warranty

Alfafol pond liner from Oase is available in a range of convenient pre packed sizes. Once you have chosen your liner size we recommend a pond liner protection underlay fleece to protect your liner from stones, roots etc.

if you would like us to help work out the liner size you require or can't see the size you are looking for give us a call on 01580 241017