Deep Water Plants

Deep water and submerged pond plants

Deep-water plants look stunning and create natural shade and protection for your pond's inhabitants. The natural shade will also help keep algae in check by reducing sunlight levels.

How to plant deep water pond plants

Deepwater plants should be planted at a depth of 50 to 100 cms and will spread to around 1 metre depending on variety and conditions. Most of larger specimens of deepwater plants come ready planted in a mesh pond basket suitable for positioning. If replanting is required use a specialist aquatic soil in a mesh basket lined with a hessian liner. Finally to retain the soil top with aquatic or a non-limestone gravel or pebbles. TIP Lower the pre damped planted baskets very slowly into the pond, immature plants will benefit by being lowered in stages over a period of a few weeks while growing.

Buy deep water plants with confidence

All our deepwater pond plants come from an RHS award winner UK grower. Packed to arrive in top condition within a few days of ordering.