Oase Pond Pumps

Oase UK supplies our most comprehensive range of pond pumps. The Oase Pond Pump range includes the Aquamax within this range there is the Aquamax Pro, Aquamax Eco, Aquamax expert, Aquamax Start, Promax and Profimax waterfall filtration pumps When it comes to fountains and water features Oase have the Aquarius range of pumps with the Aquarius Fountain Set and the Aquarius Universal (Neptune) as well as the Profinaut fountain pump for the larger fountains. The Aquaoxy is Oase aeration pump, while Oase also have a range of skimmer pumps the Aquaskim and Swimskim. The Oase Filtral is a all in one combined pond pumps, filter and uvc for the smaller pond. Finally the Oase pond Jet is the ultimate floating fountain pump with optional lighting.