Large Water Lilies

Water lilies for larger or deeper ponds

Large water lilies look great in lakes and large ponds. Likewise in a koi pond a large vigorous water lily may do well compared to a smaller water lily. Large lilies can go as deep as 150 cms and spread the same if not more if left unchecked.

How to plant large water lilies 

Large lilies depending on the variety can be planted in a depth between 50 and 150 cms and can spread vigorously depending on conditions and planting. Most of larger specimens of water lilies plants come already planted in a mesh pond basket. However, should you need to replant we suggest using a specialist aquatic soil, an aquatic mesh basket lined with a hessian liner then topped with aquatic or non-limestone gravel or pebbles.

All our water lilies come from an RHS award winner grower and are carefully packed to arrive with you within a few days of order great condition.