Floating Pond Plants

Floating Pond Plants

As the name suggests these floating pond plants float on the surface of the pond. They can quickly spread creating shade and cover benefiting your ponds inhabitants including your pond fish and wildlife. These floating pond plants are also excellent at absorbing free nutrients (nitrates) and reducing sunlight levels which will hinder annoying algae growth in your pond.

Floating Pond Plant Types

Some imported floating pond plants will only survive one season in the UK as they are native to warmer climates and cannot survive our cooler winters. However, in the right conditions they will spread quickly during the summer creating good pond cover. A better more native option would be a native floating plants such as the popular Stratiotes aloides / water soldier floating pond plant, which will come back up from the depths of your pond each spring.

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Floating pond plants availability will vary depending on the season and weather. We also sell marginal, bog and oxygenating pond plants and bunches as well as water lilies for water features, garden ponds or lakes