Custom cut to size rolls

Butyl Pond Liner - 0.75mm Thickness

Butyl rubber pond liners are great for garden ponds, Koi ponds, and even small lakes. Being a particularly flexible rubber pond liner it gives the added advantage of reducing the visibility of folds, this can be beneficial in smaller or formal ponds where creases could spoil the overall appearance.

Butyl liners can be purchased off the roll or in selected pre-cut sizes from a 2 x 1 metre liner to a 45 x 40 metre butyl sheet. Once you have chosen your liner size we recommend using pond underlay which reduces the risk of sharp stones or roots coming through and damaging your butyl rubber pond liner.

Just Call 01580 241 017 if you would like us to work out the liner size you require or can't see the size you are looking for.