16ft (4.88m) Wide Firestone PondGard Pond Liner 1.02mm Thickness

16ft (4.88m) Wide Firestone PondGard Pond Liner 1.02mm Thickness
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16ft (4.88m) Wide Firestone PondGard Pond Liner 1.02mm Thickness

Firestone Pondgard EPDM Rubber Liner - Home delivery service

This rolls width is 16 Foot (4.88 metres) the cost shown is the price per linear foot (.3048 metres). For example, if you require a liner that is 16ft x 13ft please select the length required as 13.

Once you have chosen your liner size you can then choose either a lightweight or heavyweight underlay to suit should you require it.
Just Call 01580 241 017 or message us if you would like us to work out the liner size you require or can't see the size you are looking for. 
Pondsuperstores can supply Firestone Pondgard in sizes up to 50ft x 100ft

Firestone EPDM Rubber Pond Liners

Creating a pond using a firestone flexible liner gives you the ultimate freedom in terms of design, shape and depth. It is easy to build in shelves surrounding deeper zones or a shallow beach area. The larger the pond, the thicker and more robust the liner should be. To protect the liner from items such as stones and roots, you should always use a protective underlay

Firestone 1.02mm EPDM Rubber Liner

  • Black EPDM rubber liner for medium sized to large ponds
  • 1.02mm thickness
  • Particularly robust and stretchy material
  • UV resistant
  • Cold resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Ozone resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee
Lifetime guarantee. Low maintenance: Firestone EPDM Geomembranes require little or no regular maintenance after installation. The Geomembrane can survive normal environmental exposure for well over 30 years.