6 x 6m Butyl Pond Liner

6 x 6m Butyl Pond Liner
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6 x 6m
19.7 x 19.7ft
6 x 6m Butyl Pond Liner

Butyl SealEco Pond Liner - Fish-Safe Pond Liner

Butyl pond liners an ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams.

Butyl SealEco pond liners are Eco-friendly

  • SealEco pond liners are used in the construction of ponds and lakes, often used for conservation and creation of wildlife habitats, we believe our rubber liners make the natural choice.
  • SealEco geomembranes have no negative effect on the environment, they do not release any chemicals that can affect fauna, flora or ecological systems.
  • Liners can be reclaimed from old installations can be recycled for use in EPDM products.

Protecting Your Pond Liner Investment

  • Replacing a pond liner once installed can be time consuming and expensive. Using a pond liner protective matting otherwise know as pond liner underlay will protect your liner from most stones and roots.
  • Light Duty Protective Matting 150GSM
  • Great for smaller ponds where you have clean soil and low risk of root invasion from trees etc.
  • Heavy Duty Protective Matting 250GSM
  • Recommended for all larger ponds or where stones naturally occur in the soil, this protective liner will also protect from most root invasion.
  • Building a wildlife pond? Consider using underlay on top of your liner.
  • If building a wildlife pond, it is worth considering placing the protective matting over and under your pond liner if putting soil directly into your pond.