Blagdon Affinity Grand Corner Living Feature Pool

Affinity Grand Corner
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Affinity Grand Corner

Blagdon Affinity Grand View Corner

Enjoy the sight and sound of moving water and aquatic life, day and night all year round. 

Grand Corner Key Features:

  • All in one self contained pond
  • Complete with waterfall, filtration pump
  • Easy to set up & maintain
  • Fibre reinforced liner
  • LED spotlight
  • Low Voltage Design
  • Shatter-proof windows
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Affinity grand corner kit includes:

  • Liner underlay
  • Planting basket
  • 3 x fountain heads
  • 3 x viewing window
  • Step-by-step set up guide
  • 'Inpond 3000' 5-in-1 system

Inpond 3000 5-in-1 – Instant solution for a clear and beautiful pond

Inpond 3000 5 in 1 (previously Inpond All in One) is a complete ‘life support system’ with decorative fountain features. It includes a pump, filter, 5w UVC and automatic night time LED. Clear water guaranteed

Pump: For water movement through the filter and to the waterfall and/or fountain
Filter: To clean the water and create a healthy environment for aquatic life
LED light: To enhance and extend the enjoyment of your feature pool.
UVC: To keep algae at bay and clarify the water

  • 12 Volt low voltage
  • Pump 10 Watts • LED 0.76 Watt
  • 700 ltr/hr (154gal/hr)
  • 1.25m (4’1”) max head
  • 10 metres low voltage cable
  • 3 metres HO 5 RN-F cable
  • CE approved IP68
  • Transformer is outdoor weatherproof to IP68
  • Three year guarantee

Pool volume and dimensions

  • Capacity: 680 Litres / 150 gals
  • 52cm high x 120cm wide x 120cm deep