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Blagdon Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 Energy Saving Pond Pump

£224.99 £224.99
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Blagdon Amphibious IQ 4500-9000  Energy Saving Pond Pump

Blagdon Amphibious IQ 4500-9000

For filters and waterfalls - Suitable for a large pond

  • Economical and powerful
  • Adjust to suit different ponds and seasons
  • Easy to maintain

Unique digital interface

This pump features a motor with an adjustable wattage range (30W - 60W) and adjustable flow (4,500 litre/hr - 8,700 litre/hr) which is controlled with the convenient and easy to use digital interface. The digital display lets you monitor energy usage and shows the current status of the pump and if any action is required. This system also features a 'Run Dry' and 'Motor Protection' system.

This particular model is suitable for a Large sized pond between 4500 Litres & 9000 Litres / 989 Gallons & 1978 Gallons

Technical Data For IQ Pump

Power: From 30 to 60 Watts
230 Volt - 50Hz
Flow Rate: Between 4500 and 8700 Ltrs per hour
Max Solids Size: 8mm
Max Pumping Height: 4.5 metres / 14'9''
Cable Length: 8.5 metres

Technical Data For Amphibious Digital Interface

IP56 Weatherproof.
Cable length: 1.5 metre

Warranty Period: Three Years