Orontium aquaticum - Golden Club

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Orontium aquaticum - Golden Club

Orontium aquaticum - Golden Club

This unusual plant has attractive yellow flower spikes on white stems. It has numerous flowers prior to the leaves growing large ensuring they stand out clearly.

Do not remove the pot as damaging the roots will seriously impair the plant health.After foliage has died back in autumn remove dead leaves from the water.


  • In aquatic basket ready to plant
  • Flowers: May- June
  • Growth: Slow
  • Height: 20cm - 40cm
  • Depth: 5cm - 30cm
  • Native to British Isles: n/a
  • Perfect For Pollinators: n/a
  • Position: Full Sun


Planting Marginal Pond Plants

Marginal or bog plants are generally sold either as immature plants in smaller pots or maturer plants already in aquatic plant baskets.

We recommend any water garden plants in smaller pots are replanted immediately into larger aquatic planting baskets. while pond plants supplied in aquatic baskets can remain in them in they have room to grow, although it is worth bearing in mind that taller plants such as Iris's and grasses will need a deep larger basket as they can be prone to blowing over in the wind, these deeper baskets will provide some counter balance against the wind and plenty of room for root growth.
Spreading and rafting pond plants can be planted into shallower baskets, but remember they will need plenty of room for growth, so it is always worth while replanting regularly to ensure the best possible display.
If planting a wildlife pond it may be possible to plant directly into a planting area such as a bog area/ garden. Should you wish to contain the growth of these plants in such an area it may still be worth considering sinking the plant in a basket to limit it's spread.