Evolution Aqua K Plus Advanced Pressure Filter 36 Inch

K Plus Advanced Filter 36 Inch Front
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K Plus Advanced Filter 36 Inch Front

New Evolution Aqua K Plus Advanced Filter

Introducing Evolution Aqua's new range of pressurized filters that have been Specifically designed to use Evolutions Aqua's own filtration media, to deliver exceptional water clarity and be economical to run.

Manufactured to last

the Filter is built to last, using a rotational moulding process, the body is made of a single homogenous material, meaning there is not joints, with the wall thickness is consistent throughout this makes the system more durable as there are no weak points.


This system has been designed to us Evolution Aqua's own K+media, this media has the ability to filter particles down to one micron,  The design and profile of the media, helps to improve the flow, it's vast protected surface area of 1025m2 per m3.  This unique Manufacturing process where the minerals and enzymes are added during the extrusion process, ensure that the K+media Matures faster.

Advanced Pressure System

The system is simple to install as either a standalone filter or as part of a larger filtration system with a Nexus+ or Skimmer Line


Maximum pond size - 91000 litres / 20000 UK Gallons

Optimum Flow rate - 30000lph / 660GPH

Volume of K+media - 250 Litres / 55 gallons

Diameter - 36" (900mm)

Multiport Valve - 2"

Max working Pressure - 1.5 Bar

Please be aware that maximum pond size does not include fish stocks, any fish will need to be accounted for when choosing pond filter size.



 ■ Economical to run thanks to its unique design. The filter has been engineered to maximise pump efficiency.

 ■ Pre-filled with advanced K+media - delivering mechanical and biological filtration.

 ■ Easy to operate and clean, with pipework blower and multiport valve supplied.

 ■ One piece rotationally moulded filter body for increased product strength and integrity.

 ■ Built-in feet (no skirt) for additional durability with no weak points around filter. 

 ■ Faster set up time thanks to pre-filled media and easier pipework assembly.

 ■ Colour of filter matches existing Evolution Aqua filters.

 ■ Use as a standalone filter or as part of a larger filtration system­

 ■ Double lateral configuration to ensure laminar flow

 ■ Unique, engineered lateral design to optimise filtration