Nymphaea Odorata sulphurea - Yellow Water Lily

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Nymphaea Odorata sulphurea - Yellow Water Lily

Nymphaea Odorata sulphurea Yellow Water Lily

Tuberous rooted variety with purple blotched leaves. Blooms stand above the water

  • 3 Litre basket ready to plant
  • Growth Rate: Large
  • Flowers: June to September
  • Spread: 80cm 120cm
  • Depth: 30cm 90cm
  • Native to British Isles: No
  • Perfect For Pollinators: No
  • Position: Full Sun


Pond Water lilies are the most beautiful and colourful plants in the garden pond and give months of pleasure during the summer. Water lilies are not only stunning to look they also play an important part in a pond ecosystem by shading the pond surface during the height of the summer and absorbing nutrients in the water . Both these actions will reduce algae and can improve water quail as well as offering shelter and shade for your pond fish.