Lotus Clear Pond 25

Lotus Clear Pond 25
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Lotus Clear Pond 25

Clearpond Filter Range

The Clearpond is an advanced 7 stage filter, fitted with a quick action back flush system (removing any sludge and silt from building up) and UVC which ensures clear water. Its multi-chambered design, which includes filter brushes, helps to catch any physical waste while the biological filter foams and flocor media create good bacteria that breaks down any harmful toxins. The Clearpond can also be partly hidden, able to concealed in most environments.

Added Bonuses:

  • Filter brushes get rid of large waste, enabling cleaning of the foams easier
  • Mechanical filtration via three layers of open-cell foam
  • Biological filtration via flocor media 
  • Built-in overflow prevents flooding

Extra Information:

  • Recommended in-let hose: 25mm/1' 
  • Oulet Pipe (Rigid): 50 mm (2) - (18)
  • Oulet Pipe (Rigid): 2x50 mm (2x2) - (25, 50 & 80)