Nishikoi Clearwaters 10 Litre

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10 Litre Nishikoi Clear waters

Nishikoi Clear Waters Blanket Weed Treatment 10000ml

Suitable for 100,000 litres (22000 gallons)

Which? Best Buy 2017
Fast Acting
Completely Harmless to Fish, Plants & Wildlife
Safe for use with UV's and Pond Filters
Works all year round

ClearWaters  is an effective treatment for blanket weed in ponds. ClearWaters contains cultivated beneficial bacteria

that cleans your pond in a natural way. NO MORE unsightly algae that covers your plants or the wall of your pond

Use ClearWaters for clear and healthy water for your fish and plants to thrive in
ClearWaters is all natural, dissolves quickly and your water does not take on a white milky appearance
does not precipitate on the bottom of your pond
NO NEED to use a sludge remover, ClearWaters contains freeze dried bacteria that will decompose sludge
and organic sludge in a natural way

First time use; 1 X 25ml spoon (included) for 500 litres/ 110 gallons. Repeat after 14 days

Ongoing Care, day 28 onwards; 1 X 25ml spoon (included) for 2000 litres / 440 gallons every fortnight