Nishikoi Staple 10kg Medium Pellet

Nishi Koi Staple 10kg Medium Pellet
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Nishi Koi Staple 10kg Medium Pellet

10kg Medium Pellet Nishikoi Staple 

A complete, practical and economical diet for all pond fish. It contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth.

The highly digestible protein in Nishikoi Staple allows the fish to utilise it more efficiently which also results in cleaner pond water too.

With stabilised Vitamin C this makes it an ideal maintenance diet in the warmer spring and summer months for all ornamental pond fish including Koi and gives them a much needed boost.

  • Floating pellet.
  • 32% highly digestible protein.
  • Complete & Balanced Formulation
  • Nishikoi staple is an ideal spring and autumn feed

A complete food for all koi and pond fish. Feed 3 or 4 times a day when the water temperature exceeds 8°c / 46°F or when the fish are actively seeking food. Only offer what your fish will eat within 5 minutes. Clear any uneaten Nishikoi staple from the pond after the fish have finished feeding.