Oase Filtral 3000 All-in-One Filter & UVC + Bonus Fountain Kit

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We recommend use of the optional Aeration Set:
It will add extra dissolved oxygen to your pond which will increase overall oxygen levels
filtral 3000


OASE Filtral 3000 Combined Pond Pump Filter and UVC

The Oase Filtral offers a multi-functional solution for small pond and pre-formed pools of up to 3000 litres.

We recommend use of the optional Aeration Set, as it will add extra dissolved oxygen to your pond which will increase overall oxygen levels

Filter media and UVC

Two different filter sponges, as well as bio-surface elements and ceramics, ensure mechanical and biological cleaning. UVC power for clear and healthy water.

Easy cleaning

Practical clips allow a quick opening of the housing, which allows the filter elements to be easily cleaned. It is not necessary to dismantle the nozzle fixture for cleaning.

As the pond filter is integrated into the pump there is no need for an external filter system requiring hoses which can be difficult to hide.

Additionally the OASE Filtral is ideal for running a small waterfall or feature. If you desire a fountain this can be operated with the optional fountain jet and tee piece kit.

Clear-water guarantee, The Filtral is supplied with a clear water guarantee when used in accordance with OASE recommendations.

  • Compact high-performance filter with UVC and pump
  • Guaranteed clear water
  • Only one power cable
  • Suitable for ponds of up to 3000 litres
  • Complete Filtral system submersed in the pond

Suitable for  ponds:
Low Fish Stocks: 3000Lts/660Gals
Medium Fish Stocks: 1500Lts/330Gals
High Fish Stocks - Not Suitable

Max Flo Rate: 1500 litres per hour / 330 gallons per hour
Max Lift: 1.8 metres
UVC Wattage: 9 watts
Total Power: 36 watts
Guarantee: 2 Years
Power Cable Length: 10 meters 

2 Years