Oase PE 150 Preformed Pond

Oase PE150 Pool
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Oase PE150 Pool

Oase PE 150 Preformed Pond

The plastic pond shell PE 150 is the ideal alternative to the liner pond and is therefore particularly robust against all kinds of damage, e.g. from the roots of nearby trees. The prefabricated shape makes pond construction particularly easy, because deep and shallow water areas for different plants are already created.

The PE150 measures 1.20 x 0.80 x 0.45 m (L x W x H) and holds a total of 150 litres.

Reliable OASE quality: You receive a 15-year guarantee.

Key Features
Integrated marginal and plant zone
With different depth zones for a broad spectrum of flora and fauna
Enriches gardens with natural design

DEPTH ZONES: With zones of different depths for a wide range of flora and fauna
INTEGRATED: Swamp zone and plant zone
PREFORMED: Plastic preformed ponds in organic shapes for a natural appearance