Pontec pondomax Eco 11500 Controllable

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Pontec Controllable 11500c

Oase Pontec PondoMax Eco 11500 Controllable

The Pondomax eco 11500C is a controllable filter and watercourse pump with integrated controller

  • Energy-Efficient pump for filters and water courses with integrated Controller
  • the controller can be used to adjust the performance level along a continuous scale
  • the display shows the current power consumption in W or performance in %
  • can be installed Dry and Submerged
  • Ideal for conveying course dirt up to 8mm
  • stepped hose adapter included in the scope of delivery
  • includes Dry running and blocking protection
  • The control panel is weatherproof and can be wall mounted. The manufacturer suggest that you do not position the controller in direct sunlight.

Pump technical spec

Max flow rate: 10300 Litres / 2266 Gallons per hour

Max flow rate: at 0.5m head Height: 9000 Litres / 1980 Gallons per hour

Max flow rate: at 1m head Height: 8000 Litres / 1760 Gallons per hour

Max flow rate: at 1.5m head Height: 6500 Litres / 1430 Gallons per hour

Max flow rate: at 2m head Height: 5500 Litres / 1200 Gallons per hour

Max flow rate: at 3m head Height: 3500 Litres / 771 Gallons per hour

Maximum lift: 4.6m

Maximum power consumption: 100w


3 years