Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 2400 Air Pump

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 2400 Air Pump
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Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 2400 Air Pump

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 2400 Air Pump

The 2400 model is suitable for powering 10 individual air stones and is estimated to be sufficient for koi ponds up to 7500 litres / 1650 gallons or goldfish ponds up to 15000 Litres / 3300 gallons. Each air stone produces a stream of bubbles which increases the amount of oxygen in the pond through circulation and disruption of the surface tension film.

The Blagdon pond oxygenator range creates powerful aeration & circulation. they are outdoor weatherproof, have 5 meters of cable and come with a 3 year guarantee

Fish and pond wildlife require oxygen rich water to remain healthy, during warm weather when oxygen levels in the water drop.

Using a Blagdon Oxygenator 2400 in your pond will dramatically increase the level of oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. By creating circulation, the oxygenator will aerate the pond, disrupting the surface tension film allowing toxic gases to escape and oxygen in.

In contrast during colder months when the pond is likely to freeze, adding an oxygenator will keep an area of pond ice free and prevents the build-up of toxic gases.

Even though during the day oxygenating plants produce oxygen at night they stop photosynthesising and start depleting the pond of oxygen.

Beneficial bacteria in the pond and filtration systems also require oxygen to flourish. Ensuring the breakdown of highly toxic ammonia and nitrites keeping the pond free from toxic waste. When using treatment and medications in your pond often reduces oxygen levels; adding aeration will benefit the fish and wildlife when they are most vulnerable.

Additionally, by placing air stones directly into the filter chambers, beneficial bacteria, essential to the well being of a pond, will be encouraged to grow, which in turn will greatly improve filter efficiency and fish health.

Blagdon 2400 (20w) air pump key features
• Specifically designed for water garden application
• Creates powerful aeration and circulation
• Able to run multiple air stones at a time
• Dramatically increases the level of oxygen in the water
• Prevents pond stagnating
• Can be used for aquarium application - great in a 'fish house'

Flow Rate: 2400 litres/hr. Max pumping depth: 2.8m / 9'2". Number of air stone connections: 10Wattage: 20w. Voltage: 230v. Mains cable length: 5m

Pre 2019 this product was know as the Blagdon Koi Air 50

3 Years